Welcome to TSE-AFRIQUE, Exclusive Representative of Massey Ferguson (MF) in Senegal

TSE-AFRIQUE is a company specializing in the marketing of high-tech agricultural equipment. These are efficient and adapted to the types of soil found in Senegal and West Africa. TSE-AFRIQUE is modernizing agriculture.
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Tracto Service Equipment (TSE), a company specializing in the import, sale and maintenance of agricultural equipment. The first of Amar Hol holding which today brings together more than 10 companies all as radiant as each other.

TSE is committed to helping customers understand products and services, creating greater customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and even word of mouth marketing.

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Founded in 2002, TSE specializes in the supply, distribution and after-sales service of agricultural equipment, irrigation equipment, harvesting and post-harvest equipment, processing equipment, and the distribution of fertilizers.

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