Our History

TSE-AFRIQUE is a public limited company with a capital of 1,010,000,000 CFA Francs (1,539,000 Euros). Founded in 2002, TSE specializes in the supply, distribution and after-sales service of agricultural equipment, irrigation equipment, harvesting and post-harvest equipment, processing equipment, and the distribution of fertilizers. . Mr. Cheikh AMAR, creator is an entrepreneur passionate about agriculture. Returning from France in 1999, he put his know-how at the service of the development of Senegalese agriculture through the marketing of agricultural machinery. He invests in agriculture following the advice of his spiritual father, Serigne Saliou MBACKE

Our Mission

We support agricultural policies through the programs and projects set up to achieve self-sufficiency in rice, through the mechanization of production processes for better quality and profitability.

- By supporting, assist ours customers throughout their production system, with high technology products.

- Provide permanent advice to farmers by listening to them.

TSE-AFRIQUE in partnership with the State of Senegal for 12 years, has participated in several projects within the framework of agricultural modernization programs. National Program for the Modernization of Senegalese Agriculture, Program for the Enhancement of Cereals and the Fight against Poverty in Rural Areas National Self-Sufficiency Program in Rice (PNAR) Program for the Enhancement of Agricultural Products Agricultural campaigns since 2008, and GOANA ( Great Agricultural Offensive for Food and Abundance) Program to lighten women's work

2002: 40 second-hand MF tractors 100 to 200 series - with MODEMA AGRI

2004: 65 reconditioned used MF tractors - 3000 series with MODEMA AGRI

2005: 245 FT 45 hp tractors. 4WD - FOTON CHINA

2006 - 2008: 100 SONALIKA tractors Series 60 to 80 hp - SONALIKA

2008 - 2011: 410 FRAMTRAC tractors from 60 to 80 in 2WD and 4WD 20 Combine Harvesters - Escort INDIA FOTON

2008 - 2011: 3490 Motor pumps and 4 pumping stations (Self-sufficiency program in rice phase I)

2009 : Matériels de transformation des produits agricoles : mini boulangeries, Rizeries, Minoteries, laiteries etc..

2011 : 15 Moissonneuses Batteuses 1400 Motoculteurs équipés - FOTON

2011 - 2012 : 14 Complexes frigorifiques pour la conservation des produits Unités de presse à huiles 30 tracteurs MF 480 4XTRA - EXPOTEC AGCO

2013-2014 : Equipements d’irrigation à la SAED 400 MOTOPOMPES

2014-2016 : Projet Brésilien MAIS ALIMENTOS PHASE 1 - 205 tracteurs MF - 205 Offsets 13 Moissonneuses batteuses MF Semoirs et autres agricoles


Director M. A. DIALLO.

In my capacity as Managing Director of TSE-Africa, I take great pleasure in participating in the presentation of our Company through this site. Since its creation in 2002 TSE-Afrique has pursued its dynamic growth policy until reaching a turnover of around 30 Billion FCFA (approximately 45 Million Euros) and has more than a hundred employees .

These results obtained thanks to the effort and professionalism of our teams confirm our desire to intensify our development strategy, thus meeting our objectives of sustained growth. Thus, thanks to the public-private partnership, TSE has been able to contribute to the development and modernization of Agriculture in Senegal, in particular to the mechanization of agricultural operations.

This consistency has earned us the establishment of several agricultural equipment, irrigation and processing equipment, as well as the AGCO card, whose products today offer a guarantee of quality and certain traceability. Satisfying producers and contributing to their success are the main motivations of our technical sales teams.

Today we offer innovative technical and commercial solutions with a diverse range of products including Massey FERGUSON and which can meet the specific needs of agricultural mechanization. Our strength is based on the experience, professionalism and availability of our teams who, in partnership with AGCO technicians, provide quality after-sales service, training and advice.

The farmer is becoming more and more a business manager and his level of requirement requires us to offer him the best possible solutions, with high-end products.

Our diverse partnership, particularly with AGCO, is one response to this new requirement and allows us to view the future with great optimism.